Low Carb Recipes

So many low carb recipes out there to try!

February 24, 2012
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Why Are Low Carb Recipes So Popular?

Low Carb Recipes

Low Carb Recipes

Benefits of a low carb diet.  Low carb diets have been popular for decades ever since Dr. Atkins made them popular back in the 70s.  And it’s hardly any wonder why these diets have proved to be so popular.  Who doesn’t want to be at a healthy weight and reduce their chances of dying early from diseases like diabetes.  Most people are attracted to the weight loss aspect of the diet, but there are some like myself who are drawn because of the other benefits.  I feel so much more energetic on a low carb diet.  All that afternoon drowsiness is gone, and I don’t need to depend on coffee or diet coke to get me through the day anymore.

What Can You Eat?  Low carb recipes offer a wealth of different foods that you can feast on daily.  There are the usual meats like bacon and roasts and BBQs, but then there are the more subtle dishes that seek to combine meats alone with vegetables.  Many people enjoy foods with lots of spices.  For this reason, many foods from Asia and the middle east or northern Africa are popular.  For example, a fish tagine involves cooking vegetables such as tomatoes and onions with white fish.  This is all cooked together with a whole host of different spices ranging from cinnamon to cloves.  This can add a lot of flavor to a dish.

Asian recipes are often also great for a low carb diet.  For example, stir-fries often consist of meats and vegetables along with soy sauce and ginger.  Thai foods often involve using coconut milk, which is fine for a low carb diet if you make sure it doesn’t contain any added sugars. Some coconut milk comes in a can and some come in cartons. You should realize that they are basically the same thing with just varying amounts of water added. The coconut milk in the cartons generally has more added water whereas the ones in the cans have less. If you’re using the cans of coconut milk, then be careful as the cream separates from the water if the can has been left standing for a while. This means that you should shake before you use the cans. However, sometimes you may want a more concentrated coconut cream. In that case, you should not shake the can, and try to scoop out the coconut cream at the top of the can.

Low Carb Recipes

Low Carb Recipes

Many French recipes are also perfect for a low carb diet. Although the French are often pictured eating baguettes, French restaurants actually serve a very low carb meal (excepting the bread and the dessert). They rarely put anything high in carb in the appetizers and entrées. This makes many French beef stews perfect to eat and to make. Usually there is some red wine sauce that goes with the beef.

As you can see, many low carb recipes are basically recipes that anyone can eat. There are recipes from every cuisine that a low carb dieter could eat! Therefore, everyone cannot fail to enjoy most low carb recipes. We’re not even taking the carbs out of most recipes! We’re just picking the healthier recipes to cook and enjoy.

Whether you like asian foods, mexican foods or american cuisine, there’s something for you in the low carb diet.  It’s really just going back to a more clean cuisine.  It doesn’t mean the foods you eat have to be high in fat or greasy.  Low carb simply means that the foods should be low in carbs.  I encourage you to stay away from foods that are too fatty.  This can cause digestion problems in some people who are unused to such fatty foods.  Instead, try to eat foods that have more vegetables and proteins.  Include some fats, but there’s no need to go crazy about it.

Delicious Low Carb Foods

June 15, 2012
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Discover Your Favorite Low Carb Recipes

Delicious Low Carb Foods

Low carb eating is not just salads and chunks of meat; it’s delicious healthy foods that make you feel better and look better! Learning some low carb recipes will help you stick to a low carb diet as very few restaurants offer low carb meals. Once you start on your low carb journey, you’ll never look back!

What types of low carb recipes are out there? So many that it’s impossible to count. There are of course the obvious ones, like omelets and grilled chicken, but there are also amazing creative and delicious recipes, such as apple cinnamon muffins! Apple cinnamon muffins? Are you amazed? Yes, you can learn to make desserts like muffins, cookies, and cakes that are very low in carb!

There are many low carb baking ingredients that are available these days. These ingredients replace the nutritionless normal flour that most people use to bake. Then instead of sugar, a variety of calorie and carb free sugars can be used ranging from stevia (which is derived from a plant) to sucralose (which has pretty much the same chemical structure as normal sugar but without the calories and teeth decay).

How do you start cooking when you’ve never cooked before or have very little experience? It’s ok, don’t scared if what you cooked at first looked like a mass of grey goopy mess and tasted even worse. There are difficult recipes and then there are easy recipes, and it’s difficult to determine what’s what at first. Then there are recipes that just won’t work for anyone because they bad recipes that even a professional cook couldn’t make good! So how do you spot a good easy recipe to start off with?

First, you have to read through the entire recipe and see if you understand all the steps and all the cooking utensils that are required. Do you have that slow cooker they require? If you don’t, then you should put that recipe down and pick another one, or else go out and buy a slow cooker. You should be able to visualize all the steps involved in cooking that dish as you read it. If you’re not able to visualize it, then it’s not a good recipe to start with.

Make sure you have all the ingredients for the recipe before you start. You should read the recipe carefully to make sure that you have the exact ingredient that’s listed and that you have the amount required. Once you start cooking, I’m sure you don’t want to run to the store while part of your dish is cooking. A lot of recipes call for spices of all kinds so it’s good to start making a collection of them. I would start by just getting the spices you need for the recipe you’re making or a basic collection of spices. You’ll notice that after a year or so, you’ll have built up quite a good stash.

With so many options out there, what are you waiting for? Going low carb has never been easier. Countless websites list free recipes that you can follow. There are free ebooks out there for you to peruse too. If you’re new to cooking, then try following the low carb recipes exactly at first (especially the ones that involve baking) as changing the amount of an ingredient or switching an ingredient could make the recipe fail. But once you get into the swing of cooking, you’ll find that you can be creative and improve the existing recipes to make them taste even better!

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June 13, 2012
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Great Low Carb Chicken Recipe

This is so simple and delicious.  You also get home made chicken broth from it!  The best part is that you get to choose what meat to use and what ingredients to add so you can make sure it’s healthy and low in carbs!

April 18, 2012
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Low Carb? Try These 10 Breakfast Foods!

It isn’t easy trying to make your mind work in the morning between deciding what to eat and what to wear to work or school. You probably also gulping down a cup of coffee as you maneuver through the wake up routine. If you’re on a low carb diet, then figuring out what to eat is even more of a hassle. Toast is out of the question as are bagels. We would like to ease your burdens a bit, that is why we give you the best low carb breakfast foods to start your day. I hope this helps you!

1. Low carb cereals. These can be bought directly from stores or online. Preparation is not complicated or tedious; just add coconut milk and you’re all set!
Low carb pancakes Pancakes can be prepared by bulk; eat one and store the rest in the fridge so you can eat them when you need them. Just heat them up either in a frying pan or in the microwave.
Three egg scramble. Get your protein in and start the day with energy by cooking a three egg scramble. Just crack three eggs, whisk them, and scramble them in a pan – fast and easy! If you are adventurous, then try adding some onions or chives to the scramble for extra flavor.
Boiled eggs. This may sound a bit boring, but you can flavor the boiled eggs with a variety of different spices. Soy sauce or hot sauce won’t be a bad idea, either! The beauty of this food is how they can be boiled by bulk then stored in the fridge until the time comes that you want to eat them. A ziplock bag is also a good place to store them in when you want to take your breakfast on the go.
Low carb muffins. You can take your breakfast of low carb muffins along with you in the mornings. It takes a bit longer than other types of breakfast foods to be cooked, though. But if you are wise, you will prepare a dozen low carb muffins in one pan at one time, and it will see you through the rest of the week.
Protein shakes. Most people on a low carb diet forget about these shakes. They can be a great source of protein in your diet.
Egg bake. There’s nothing difficult about cracking an egg and putting it into the oven. The key element that would make or break this dish is the addition of flavor. One option is to cook the egg in a muffin or cupcake pan. Add a layer of bacon wrapping around the inside of the muffin cup and the crack the egg into the cup. Sprinkle some grated choose on top and put it into the oven. The egg will be secured in place by the bacon, and soon you will have the most yummy bacon cheese egg bake.
Poached egg. This needs a lot of practice before you can perfect preparing a poached egg.
Fried egg over spinach. Cook the spinach earlier. Maybe add some salt and garlic to it while cooking it. If the spinach has gone cold after a while, you can reheat it while frying the egg. Put the egg on top of the spinach and you will have a very healthy and hearty breakfast.
Hot cereal. If you’re one of those people who prefer their breakfast gooey and hot, then hot cereals are definitely for you! You can combine flax meal and almond meal together, adding coconut milk into it. Add some cinnamon and a few dried fruit. Stir continuously until you get the desired consistency. You can add more water if you find it too dry.

I hope your low carb diet is aided by the suggested recipes above. There are so many more options that weren’t mentioned in the list. Just go online or browse cookbooks for more.

April 16, 2012
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Free Recipes For The Low Carb Dieter

It never ceases to amaze people when they realize just how much low carb recipes are available for them to try. They are of the mind that giving up carbohydrates means sacrificing many of the dishes or foods they can consume. That, however, is not the case. Low carb recipes are limitless and can be obtained free from various places. If you simply Google ‘low carb recipes,’ you’ll find yourself inundated with thousands upon thousands of low carb recipes. You can be as specific as you want in your search and you will still find it on Google. For those who are internet-averse or doesn’t know their way around the internet, there are books and publications that feature these recipes. Thanks to the following gained by low carb diets in recent years, people who want to follow them can now have easy access to many good recipes.

Of course, when you read a low carb recipe, you have to be careful to make sure that it is low carb and that it is suitable for your diet. Differences in low carb diets largely depend on the type of foods that are allowed and prohibited. Some diets are very strict and allow only 20g of carbs per day during the initial phases. The Atkins diet is a classic example of these strict diets. Some other diets that are more lenient on some carbs show lesser results when it comes to weight loss. Some of those less strict diets may allow up to 100g of carbs per day. In fact, the later stages of the Atkins diet allow that much carbohydrates as well.

Most low carb recipes use ingredients that one does not normally work with in the kitchen, which is why you should pay close attention to them. For instance, normal flour is ignored in favor of coconut flour when making low carb muffins. Coconut flour is just ground coconut flakes. It’s a low carb equivalent to usual wheat flour. It is high-fiber, high-protein but low-fat, making it a very good alternative. However, it requires a lot of eggs to make it moist unlike wheat flour. Therefore, if the recipe calls for more eggs than you think should be in there, follow the recipe the first time around before changing it! There’s probably a good reason for the odd ingredients in the recipe.

Meats and vegetables are included in low carb recipes (other than desserts, of course). There are a lot of meats that you can try in recipes. You should also keep in mind that one animal can produce a lot of different types of products. The consumption of animal liver, heart, and bone marrow, is actually encouraged in some low carb diets. This adds variety to the dishes you cook as these organs often have very distinctly different tastes. There is also a wide and varied selection in vegetables. We often don’t try a great deal of vegetables because they’re not common. Low carb diets encourage variety by introducing many different vegetables in the recipes. I recently discovered bak choy, which is consumed in many Asian cultures. The leafy bak choy is especially delicious when stir-fried with ginger and garlic.

It is very common in low carb diets to eat more vegetables and meats. The variety of meats and vegetables is also extensive. Consequently, you will be able to find a lot of low carb recipes out there. A single low carb recipe book is bound to present you with many options. You could easily get started on your cooking!

April 15, 2012
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The Obsession With Cereal products

Developed international locations have a good dependence on feed on high sugar cereals enjoying. Even though North america features frosted flakes, Britain possesses coco leaps as well as Modern australia features wheatabix. However, most of these high sugar cereals most get excessive numbers of carbohydrate food as well as gluten. It truly is because of the fact that they’re manufactured from callus, grain as well as other grain. In any of the countries, you simply won’t locate one particular reduced carb breakfast cereal that is certainly extremely popular. Of which makes clear your leaping obesity charges during these western places!

Lets hope the following paragraphs will shed light on the individuals who have not yet the slightest idea about the key benefits of low carb food. 1st, allow us to determine clearly just what reduced carb meals are usually. There are a variety involving meals who have reduced carb content material. Amazingly, the majority of beef along with greens are low carbohydrate. There are many other items including coconuts, flax, chicken eggs, butter, in addition to parmesan cheese this fall under this kind of type. In truth the proper way to determine what you’ll be able to try to eat is to cut out the foodstuff that you simply cannot try to eat. Once we talk about high carb food, the actual basic cases are usually carbohydrates, loaves of bread, puddings, and carrots. You’ll be able to properly declare you’re eating lower carbohydrate if someone makes it a point to avoid all of the meals described.

Is there a incredible importance of ingesting reduced carb meals? It is crucial if you want to lose weight and also be healthy. A decreased carb diet is needless if people usually are not what you’re actually aiming towards. Allow us to research the specific manner in which fat loss may be accomplished by way of low carbohydrate diet programs. It really is simply because by investing in a decreased carbohydrate eating habits, the blood sugar will continue dependable and won’t endure spikes. Extended top of your respective blood glucose levels leads to continuous discharge of blood insulin in your our blood. Insulin shots will prevent your body through using a hard drive regarding extra fat and will really retailer much more body fat. Furthermore having carb supply allow you to experience sugars failures where your sweets stage lowers through your regular levels. You’ll really feel regular weariness and starvation. This can get you to take in more and more regardless of idea that your body does not have every one of the vitality. Fat retailers will also be elevated additionally by everything that food you are eating as you become increasingly more exhausted.

Let’s now look greater about the way low carbohydrate food items can immediately advantage your quality of life. Extended higher levels of insulin can result in diabetes when your body halts realizing the fact that you have got the hormone insulin. Hence, you would need to insert insulin so as to make upwards with the seems the hormone insulin insufficiency. Large amounts of insulin shots can also be linked to a great many other health concerns. Consuming carbohydrate food does mean the consumption of ingredients that happen to be generally made of whole, which contains gluten most of the time. Gluten will be the toxin found in crops that are purposefully manufactured in purchase to stop animals and plants through having your grain. Although cooking the particular grain can get gone some of the harmful toxins, all of us take in a great deal whole grains that this combined effect in excess of decades will be harmful. Increasing numbers of people are increasingly being clinically determined seeing that gluten-intolerant. This disorder can often be recognized just after you have endured digestive tract motion difficulties over time. The particular killer could cause openings as part of your little digestive system to ensure that several molecules outflow into your technique instead of currently being assimilated or maybe purged aside. For most people, this can also bring about allergic reactions.

You can lessen dozens of pitfalls start by making guaranteed you take in merely foods which might be lower carbohydrate as well as gluten-free. There are several food items of which fit in of which class, so it will be not all of which high. To begin with, consider minimizing hundreds of large carbs cereal products for reduced carbohydrate cereal products.

April 15, 2012
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Low Carb Recipes To Try Out

If you haven’t started looking for low carb recipes yet, then you are in for a treat. There are so many great ones out there; the only problem is which one to try first! Despite having a passion for food and eating, we still have to worry about our health and fitness. Switching to a low carb diet is the simplest solution to all those problems. You can munch away happily, safe in the knowledge that whatever you choose to put into your mouth won’t kill you or make you tip the scales unnaturally. You can even stay fit and healthy without going on an intense workout regimen.

Being on a low carb diet is only one of the many reasons for you to try preparing or cooking some low carb foods. For a start, you might want a quick and easy low carb snack. These are easy to make and easy to take with you camping or travelling. Dehydrated vegetables can become very good snacks. My favorite is salting some squash slices and dehydrating them. They ultimately turn into delicious and healthy chips that you can snack on while on the road.
There are more options if you are not too keen on dehydrated food. Low carb pot roast is basically the same as the usual pot roast, except for the starchy vegetables and carb ingredients. Aside from a slow cooker, you may also use the oven for these low carb pot roast recipes. You will end up with a tender and delicious dish. You have the option of eating it by itself or adding some vegetables. If you use a slow cooker, you will have an even easier job of it. You just put them into the pot with some soy sauce or salt and seasoning and leave to cook for 8 hours. It is common practice to let it cook overnight, to be switched off in the morning. There is no better wake-up call in the morning than the aroma of cooked beef. The meat is so tender you have to be careful when you cut it so that it doesn’t fall apart!

You will have a lot of options with vegetables if you don’t like meat much. It’s no fun at all if you simply boil vegetables and serve them unseasoned, is it? After all, making them more flavorful and tasty does not require a lot of work! It is so easy to prepare vegetable stew. You can make your favorite vegetables even more tempting by adding a few tomatoes. I am especially partial to Italian squash, onions, leeks and garlic. Herbs would be a very good addition, such as rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano. Leave it to cook for about an hour. Your kitchen will be filled with an amazing aroma. All it took was you throwing some vegetables into a pot and your neighbors would conclude you’re a culinary expert!

Soups are some of the easiest to prepare. They may look complicated, especially if you haven’t had any experience making them before. However, if you boil some vegetables in chicken or vegetable broth and proceed to puree it with an immersion blender, you have an amazing soup! Nothing could be simpler!

Low carb recipes, surprisingly, do not fall short in the delicious stakes when compared to normal recipes. These are guilt-free and delicious recipes. You can eat these without the fear of gaining weight or falling asleep afterwards. That’s the main reason I stand by my favorite low carb recipes.

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The Best Things AboutLow Carb Recipes

It’s easy to keep eating daily without regard to your health. When we reach a certain age and are feeling the ill effects of past bad habits on our health do we start paying more attention. Often by that point it will already be too late. We might already have diabetes or something even worse. You can keep fooling yourself thinking that you are invincible, but you will only end up having regrets when you realize it could happen to you and you haven’t done a thing to prevent it. With numbers of people being diagnosed with diet related illnesses growing by the day, it won’t be long before we will all have to face up to the problems!

One easy way to look after your health without too much impact on your life is to only cook low carb recipes. It is not that complicated at all! No matter what you’ve been told, you will find that the taste of normal recipes and low carb recipes are not that hugely different. You’ve had stew, steaks, salads, and omelets before. Low carb diets have those types of foods too!

Many people say they can’t stay on a low carb diet because they like desserts too much. Well, don’t worry. There are low carb desserts! These taste just as good as normal desserts but can be eaten without any adverse impact on your health!

Low carb diet is not only beneficial to the health. Remember that dress you bought years ago that you want to wear now but you can’t seem to get into it? Here’s your opportunity. A low carb diet can effectively help in your weight loss aspirations! With the amazing advantages that a low carb diet can bring you, why else would you contemplate trying other types of diets?

So what low carb recipes can you try? There are so many it would take pages and pages to describe them all. Let me just give you a rundown of the simplest ones.

A slow cooker roast is easy to make. Just place your meat into the slow cooker with some spices or seasoning and some beef stock or soy sauce. Using low heat, allow about 8 hours for it to cook. Depending on the type and quality of slow cooker you are using, the length of cooking time and the temperature settings would vary. The beef will become very tender and juicy. It’ll have plenty of flavor due to the spices and seasoning you put into the slow cooker. The beauty of this recipe is the minimal effort you have to exert. Just pop the ingredients into a pot, crawl off to sleep as it cooks, and wake up to a sumptuous meal!

Low carb cauliflower soup is also one of my personal favorites. I’ve always been under the impression that soups are some of the hardest foods to prepare, but I was proven wrong. After boiling cauliflower in a mixture of chicken or vegetable stock, herbs, salt and pepper, an immersion blender will be used to puree the cauliflower. Day after day, you will be able to enjoy the best-tasting low carb soup!

These are just two of the many recipes out there for you to try. I am hopeful that you will be able to find more recipes that will suit your taste.